Everything in the world is part of our nature.
Jaminkyung was founded with people who search for satisfactory condition for the future. Honesty management based on trust and confidence, value management that considers human and environment as the best elements, quality first thinking that serves with product rather than showy ad slogan, and eco-friendly company culture are Jaminkyung’s unyielding beliefs.

Inner Beauty

Jaminkyung revitalizes our skin and recovers it as a healthy condition. We pursue natural clear beauty.

Quality best thinking

We search for happy values for the future. We prefer best quality product to showy ad slogan.

Self Respect

We conduct a research to reset our body & mind as the highest state of being by blending our natural skin care heritage with fresh abundant ingredients.


Be part of a nature, Jaminkyung

1% of miracle, HAPPY SPOON

Small but strong company that shares with others & respects donation culture.

1% of miracle, Happy spoon

Jaminkyung use 1% profit of sales as a Happy spoon fund. We support various projects such as restoring a single mom’s dream project, briquette delivery to the economically challenged population project, support for North Korean defectors project etc. We continue these beautiful relays as yet.

Donation for poverty class in Hong Kong

HKCSS (The Hong Kong Council of Social Service) released their report that economically challenged population in Hong Kong reached 116.1million in 2012. Jaminkyung donated their own merchandises with no charge through joint event with KOTRA. Therefore, Jaminkyung received a letter of appreciation from them.

‘Hope seed’ planting in Nepalis remote area

Nepal is famous for extremely beautiful scenery, but poverty and hunger is widespread all over the country vice versa. Especially lack of child education make situation worse. Alpinist Uhm Hong gil & Jaminkyung employees are doing ‘Human School Project’ to improve these cases. This meaningful relay would be continued as yet.